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Trust Pharmacy was founded over 15 years ago. Our company specializes in retail trade in drugs and their delivery. Today, many people provide drug delivery service, but we strive for high-quality customer service in this segment of the pharmaceutical business and offer some of the best conditions for delivery and overall service from the very beginning our activity starts. Our online pharmacy works out privacy policy which allows us to offer people to buy generic drugs at low prices. Trust Pharmacy offers coupon codes what make the price as lower as possible. We work both with individuals and organizations from Canada and many other countries.

Our pharmacy offers a wide range of products on a daily basis, including more than 300 items of medications, patient care products, a large selection of medical cosmetics, various types of medical equipment.

The quality of all sold drugs is confirmed by certificates and meets the standards and requirements of the Food and Drug Administration. We have everything to provide our customers with high-quality services:

  • a call center will allow you to place an order at a time convenient for you;
  • the courier service, if necessary, will ensure quick delivery to your home, office, hospital, and will save you from having to go to pharmacies in search of the right medication;
  • experienced consultants will help you choose the right drug, warn you against improper use of medications, provide information on new drugs and changes in the pharmacological market;
  • favorable delivery terms and discount system.

Company’s mission

Our mission is to offer customers a wide range of medications and pharmacy products, in different price groups. We also employ competent, certified specialists who provide the right advice, comfort and service in the Trust Pharmacy shop.

The range

Dietary supplements, medical diagnostic means, medical products, drugs and other related products are widely represented in our pharmacies. In our pharmacy, you can always check the prices for such popular products as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional, Pink Female Viagra, Cialis Soft and many other products. You can always buy them after sending us a prescription over email.


Viagra is the best-known drug for treating erectile dysfunction. Thanks to its use, men get rid of problems with potency and return to normal sex life. The main active ingredient is sildenafil. It significantly improves the blood supply to the pelvic vessels and the penis. Viagra does not affect reproduction and is effective only in conditions of sexual excitement.

Cialis is the newest and most potent drug for increasing potency and treating erectile dysfunction in men. This drug has the longest time effect, which lasts 36 hours, so you do not need to choose the time when to take the drug. The main active ingredient is Tadalafil.

Levitra is produced to restore sexual function. It contains the active ingredient – vardenafil, which improves blood circulation in the pelvic area. It provides an adequate body response to sexual excitement. The effectiveness of the drug is clinically confirmed when used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Viagra Professional is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. It begins to work at the moment when a man has a sexual desire. In this case, nitrogen is released, which allows the genital vessels to expand, which is necessary for faster blood flow. The drug allows you to completely fill the cavernous body of the penis with blood, which guarantees excellent resistance to a natural erection. An erection lasts for 4 or more hours, which provides the possibility of multiple repetitions of sexual intercourse. Viagra professional only needs persistent sexual desire.

Cialis Professional is available in round-shaped tablets. The active ingredient is tadalafil (20 mg). The drug has a strengthened complex formula than the standard forms of its analogs. This approach to the development of the formula has allowed more effectively to cope with erectile disorders of different origin and severity. In general, Cialis Professional contributes to obtaining an effective result in the shortest possible time intervals. This drug is an effective artificially created pharmaceutical compound of substances that contribute to the expansion of the circulatory system of the genitals. It relieves the tension of the pelvic muscles, provokes an increase in the force of blood flow to the penis, followed by erection.

Pink Female Viagra allows women with manifestations of frigidity to get real pleasure from intimate life and experience high-quality orgasms. The active ingredient is sildenafil. It causes a number of biochemical reactions in the female body, the blood flow in the lower part of the body increases considerably. As a result, the labia and vagina receive stimulating signals from the brain, an abundant amount of lubricant is secreted, and an irresistible sexual desire arises in a woman.

Price policy

The choice of an online pharmacy should be balanced and as reasonable as possible. In search of a cheap drug, you can easily surf a fake online store. At best, it will be a placebo (dummy), but low-quality goods which can not only not heal further worsen the state of health. Trust Pharmacy cooperates only with reliable, famous, licensed Indian suppliers. Our online pharmacy has long established itself as the best on the pharmacological market.

The administration and employees of the company guarantee high-quality products and services. All products are certified and approved by the Indian FDA. The buyer always receives only excellent medications, without the risk of buying fake or expired drugs. Prices are established taking into account the social and material situation of people from all over the world. Our online pharmacy presents its catalog to the consumers. Anyone can purchase pharmacological means from us to maintain and promote health, to restore the lost functions as much as possible, to restore the full-fledged vital activity of a particular system, or the whole organism.

Our online catalog includes drugs from the field of herbal medicine, homeopathy, dietary supplements. A wide range of cosmetic preparations for hair, face and body skin care (including for young problem skin and anti-aging) is presented.

We work out such a price policy to make online business affordable both for customers and us. Both parties will gain benefit from this cooperation.


The information provided on our website, including descriptions of goods, is for reference only. It should not be used for self-diagnosis and treatment. Drugs should be used only after consulting a doctor. The site visitor accepts responsibility for all the consequences of the use of any information contained on our website. Official information on the application is given in the instruction for use attached to the blister. Before use, you must carefully read the instructions in the package.


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