How do Modern Contraceptives Perform?

January 30, 2020

Vaginal contraceptives work very simple – getting into the body, these chemicals kill sperm. Oral contraceptives do not allow eggs to develop in ovaries. They affect cervical mucus, making it viscous and impenetrable for sperm cells. Contraceptive pills suppress or completely prevent embryo attachment to the uterine cervix. This prevents pregnancy appearance.

Local medications, such as suppositories – are local chemicals and pregnancy prevention methods. In their composition, it is contained nonoxynol or benzalkonium. These active substances affect sperm cells and make them immobile due to the violation of membrane integrity.

The vaginal ring is one of the contraception methods, referring to a group of hormonal agents. It is made from an elastic material, in which composition contains a small dose of progesterone and estrogen. The dosage is enough to prevent ovulation. There are also other contraceptive devices of high efficiency and safety.

Are Modern Contraceptives Harmful?

If contraceptive is chosen correctly, it can not harm the female body. For example, side effects will appear such as weight gain or hair growth increase. This refers only to hormonal drugs that are contraindicated in cardiovascular system diseases and diabetes. Even with liver and kidneys problems these drugs are contraindicated. Female smokers need to find out other contraceptives because hormonal agents have a strong load on the heart. Also, there is an increased risk of thrombosis. According to medical reasons, if you take hormone drugs regularly for a long time, sexual activity is gradually reduced. This is subject to testosterone production decrease. What are contraceptives? There are various types of contraceptives:

  • hormonal pills;
  • IUDs;
  • condoms;
  • local medications;
  • injections.

Here are a short but detailed description of medications and other contraceptive methods directed to prevent ovulation and as a consequence – pregnancy.

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Contraceptive Sponge

Contraceptive sponges are widely used. Some women do not wish to be protected by means of medicaments, and this type of contraception helps them escape from unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptive sponges do not allow to penetrate the sperm cells into the cervix because of mechanical obstruction and special spermicidal agents allocation. A modern contraceptive sponge is made of soft polyurethane. It contains has benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol. They are very easy to be used. It may be appointed for women in any period of reproductive age.

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Intrauterine Contraception

The most common method of protection against unwanted pregnancy is intrauterine contraception. It is used polyethylene material, in which the composition there is barium sulfate. Modern coils differ in shape from those used 10 years ago. Vaginal coil comprises copper and silver spraying. A T-shaped intrauterine device is most often used. This method of protection against pregnancy is not new, but, nevertheless, certain forms and types of contraceptives are referred to a new generation of drugs. Some coils contain gestagen and antibiotics.

It is inserted deeply into the cervix. Women who are referred to progesterone type, i.e. have an awkward figure, small breasts, who have skin problems accompanied by painful and monthly symptoms should prefer drugs with antiandrogenic effects. This “Yaz” “Yaz Plus”, “Yasmin”, etc. If a woman’s skin is normal, the monthly flow is smooth, you can choose Mercilon, Regulon, Femoden, and others. So it is important to know that hormonal drugs are addictive, so you should take a break, or there might appear side effects.

Yaz Plus

Yaz plus is an effective contraceptive. In addition to hormones that inhibit sperm cell permeability and blocking ovulation, their folate is a part of this medication. This kind of folic acid is required for normal female health. B9 is rapidly absorbed into the blood, it affects the nervous system. This drug is unique in that, unlike all other contraceptive means, it provides the greatest assurance. In addition, it means the composition main aim is to protect women from all troubles when suddenly there was a pregnancy. Her body will be prepared for this, and the active drug form helps to eliminate shortcomings information of fetus future neural tube, that is, eliminate nervous system disorders development. It is a safe means for women of reproductive age. It may be applied to women over 18 years old and before menopause onset.

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Active ingredients:

  • 0.03 mg of ethinylestradiol;
  • 3 mg of drospirenone.

Lactose monohydrate, corn starch, pregelatinized starch, povidone K25, magnesium stearate, hypromellose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), macrogol 6000, talc (magnesium silicate), titanium dioxide (E 171), iron (II) oxide (E 172).

Ortho-Three Cycles

Indian pharmaceutical company Lupin (Lupin Ltd.) today announced that its US subsidiary has received authorization from FDA for sale in the US generic version of oral contraceptive – Ortho Tri-cycle (Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo), produced by company Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a division of Johnson & Johnson.


This combined hormone medication is utilized to prevent pregnancy. It comprises two hormone types: a progestin (desogestrel) and estrogen (Ethinyl estradiol). It operates specifically by controlling ovulation during the menstrual cycle. It has vaginal fluid thicker to assist to prevail sperm cells from achieving an egg to carry out fertilization process and alters uterus lining to prevent fertilized egg attachment.


Yaz is a popular new-generation contraceptive. It’s not just the pill, but a drug that treats some disorders in gynecology and hormone-dependent sphere. This facility treats acne and other skin imperfections.

Contraceptive effect is achieved by estrogen and progestogen which are constituents of the drug. They suppress ovulation. Yaz affects health conditions during menstruation. Its composition performs to reduce anemia and pain symptoms. The menstrual period flows faster. Very often, gynecologists prescribe this remedy for severe premenstrual syndrome symptoms. The advantage of such pills over similar agents are active substances low concentrations. The drug is prescribed for women during menopause.

Structure and Composition

The main constituent substances are:

  • ethinyl estradiol 20 mcg;
  • drospirenone 3 mg.

Active pills: Round, biconvex, film-coated, light pink. engraved with «DS» on one side.
Placebo pills: coated in white. On one side of the tablet in the correct hexagon, it is inscribed “DP”.

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Drug indications

  1. Hormonal contraceptive with anti-aldosterone and anti-androgenic effects also has a positive effect on hormone-dependent fluid retention and caused its symptoms in women;
  2. moderate acne forms treatment in women seeking contraception;
  3. severe premenstrual syndrome treatment.


Yaz should not be used in the presence of any conditions listed below. If any of these conditions develop for the first time in patients taking the drug the drug intake should be immediately repealed:

  • thrombosis (venous and arterial) and thromboembolism present or in anamnesis (including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction), cerebrovascular disorders;
  • state prior thrombosis (including transient ischemic attack, angina pectoris) now or in anamnesis;
  • migraine with focal neurological symptoms now or in anamnesis;
  • diabetes with vascular complications;
  • expressed or multiple venous or arterial thrombosis risk factors, including valvular lesions, cardiac arrhythmia, brain or coronary arteries vascular diseases;
  • uncontrolled hypertension;
  • pancreatitis with severe hypertriglyceridemia now or in anamnesis;
  • hepatic failure and severe liver disease;
  • liver tumors (benign or malignant) at the moment or in anamnesis;
  • severe renal insufficiency, acute renal failure;
  • hormone-dependent cancers identified (including genital or mammary glands);
  • vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;
  • present or suspected pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to any Yaz component.


If any of the conditions/risk factors mentioned below are currently available, you should carefully weigh the potential risks and expected benefits of combined oral contraceptives use in each individual case:

  • thrombosis and thromboembolic risk factors: smoking; thrombosis, myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular disorders at a young age; obesity; dislipoproteinemia; hypertension; migraine;
  • valvular heart disease; cardiac arrhythmias, prolonged immobilization, major surgery, major trauma;
  • diseases for which may occur peripheral circulatory disorders: diabetes; systemic lupus erythematosus; hemolytic uremic syndrome; Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis; sickle cell anemia; and superficial veins phlebitis;
  • hypertriglyceridemia;
  • liver disease.

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